Drops App Free Download | Drops Language App For Android

Drops App

Drops App Free Download | Drops Language App For Android

Drops App is one of the amazing language learning apps. Are you really aspire to learn English?. If you are, avail this app. Just spend 5 mins per day. Might sound weird but works like charm. Enjoy while learning the language. Just love what you are learning. I’m sure you will quickly learn the language. Eventually, you can confidently speak English.

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Coming to the noticeable aspects of the Drops App, If offers you various fun games instead of boring memorisation drills. In addition, you can easily learn vocabulary courses through beautiful graphics and quick mini-games. Every course is 100% illustrated. Numerous Examples to understand the meaning of the word. Thus, Drops makes language learning an effortless fun.

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Drops App

What are you waiting for?. Start learning. I’m sure the language barrier will no longer exist.

Drops App is free for casual learners who can learn more than 1700 words in 99 topics are all available for everyone. Steadfast language learners can subscribe for a premium to progress faster with unlimited learning time. Subscriptions start from $2.99 / month.

Highlights or Striking Features Of Drops App

  • 100% illustrated: Pictures directly carry the meaning – you don’t have to use your native language at all! No intermediary. Faster, more effective and of course more fun!.
  • 5 min sessions: limiting practice time sounds crazy but it makes it incredibly addictive – which is a cool thing for learning. The barrier of entry is close to zero so you can’t have any excuses: you’ll have 5 minutes even on the busiest day!
  • Effortless play: We know why games are fun and addictive and distilled the essence into Drops. The result is a truly immersive experience but it’s not waste of your time while you play because you build a valuable knowledge.
  • Qucik: Keyboard typing is painfully slow. Welcome rapid swipes and taps! Trust us, you’ll need those extra seconds during the quick learning session
  •  Vocabulary only: Zero grammar, just handpicked practical words. That’s our focus and we do it extremely well. The app teaches the Korean “alphabet” Hangul (hangoul) too!
  • Forge a habit: Drops wants to make you language learning addict. Effectiveness is nothing without a well established habit. We help you build one!

More Info About Drops Apk:

Updated: January 24, 2019

Current Version: 30.33

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Offered By: Language Drops

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