Pink Candy Lolipopo Cute Theme Girls Love Happy

Pink Candy Lolipopo Cute Theme Girls Love Happy

Pink Candy Lolipopo Cute Theme Girls Love Happy

Features are:
【1】Sweet Candy Paradise theme has a 3D dynamic cute dream pink paradise wallpaper, cartoon style dessert screen all of a sudden to attract lively children and girlish woman, bring a sweet feeling of love, like a fairy tale forest cottage as fun;
【2】Sweet Candy Paradise theme has 3D touch of beautiful pink and purple icon, simple shape, pure crystal sweet, simple icon set off the colorful candy paradise, simple and complex intertwined, so that the art of mobile phone wallpaper rose to a higher and better level;
【3】Pink, green, purple, white, yellow color together, like the rainbow as bright and spakling, people instantly have a good mood, full of hope, look forward to the future;


【4】With the combinations of biscuits, chocolate, cookies and other deicious food, the house looks like the princess’s castle, waiting for the arrival of the prince, beautiful and lovely princess like a fairy tale and cartoon movie inside the protagonist, the Queen and the king pet, take care of the fans around the world;
【5】The courtyard has a miniature cake and bread, sticks and other structures built into the well, full of proud aristocratic atmosphere, but also reminiscent of the ancient cultural heritage of the building;
【6】The white clouds flying in the air are as soft and sweet as cotton candy, attracting birds, butterflies, bees, eagles and bats to watch and appreciate, their favorite beds and cradles, tired time to rest, to revitalize;
【7】Surrounded by white chocolate fence, cobbled paved path, mushroom embellishment of the garden, full of charming romantic atmosphere, full of innocent childhood and good taste of the first love, Makaren with the yard, it is luxurious and noble;
【8】The color of the huge lollipop, evoke the innocent of our heart, cherish the beauty and sweetness of life, cherish the present peace and health, to meet the warm spring and warm summer, pink ice cream screen, to the hot summer to bring the slightest coolness, eliminate fatigue, like the snow house in winter;
【9】 metal windows, sponge walls like athletes climbing walls, with bubble roofs and chimneys, as well as glass windows, to create a warm and comfortable home, like a villa as luxurious, but also as simple as rural architecture;
【10】 Hazy with smoke screen with a variety of flowers, like gods and angels living place, gradient pink design sweet, suitable for ladies and dream girls and children, for sweet Valentine’s Day and Tanabata, ready to prepare surprise gifts for family and friends to spend holidays together.

☆ how to apply this Sweet Candy Paradise theme ?
♦ The new clock weather in pure clear and clean way to let you see the nice week weather better future and happy mood.
Theme software game application center for you to choose the hottest game software and other mobile phone housekeeper cleaning master application lock flashlight clock and so are interesting and practical.
Sound effects of rock music and unique personalized design of the dynamic sound theme to make your phone super coolThe new clock weather in pure clear and clean way to let you see the nice week weather better future and happy mood.
♦ Download this personality theme , click the install button to successfully apply the theme to your Samsung / Huawei Android phone.
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main characteristics:
◇ Fashion mobile phone theme application concept can also be reminded to keep up with the trend,also remind people of keeping healthy body and happy mood,offering the coolest and most diverse themes and plug-in support
◇ High-tech gesture support and intelligent voice support,personalized design of the toolbar and a variety of shortcut keys to enhance your taste and knowledge
◇ in the application store can also be found in cool street graffiti and golden rose painting and other fashion perfect theme application

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