A good application model of digital technology

As one of the world’s most active countries in digital development, China has accelerated the digital transformation of its traditional industries, and vigorously promoted innovation in a variety of application scenarios such as social governance, public services, production, and livelihoods. Today, the integration of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence with sectors such as energy, medical care, transportation, education, and agriculture has been significantly promoted in China. Farm irrigation, monitoring, and fertilizer in the country.

Planting is possible with a small tablet computer, unmanned planters are proving to be extremely helpful in making straight rows in the field, digital technology is being used to get a bountiful harvest from the fields during the harvest season, while the overall Digital technology has developed agriculture on new lines that are completely different from the traditional agriculture of the past.

There are about two million 5G base stations in the country, which are connected to the world’s largest communication network in addition to millions of mobile phones. Millions of dollars on the National Industrial Internet Big Data Center’s Industrial Internet Platform There are digital factories. Ninety digital occupations have also emerged for the first time in China’s latest occupational ranking, including robotics engineering technician, business data analyst, and agricultural digital technician.

China has also accelerated the construction of digital infrastructure with a view to future planning and current requirements. The country has built one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced network facilities, with fiber optic networks covering prefecture-level cities. Notably, in the past ten years, the scale of China’s digital economy has increased from 11 trillion yuan to 45.5 trillion yuan, and its proportion in GDP has increased from 21.6 percent to 39.8 percent.

However, the digital economy has become an inevitable trend nowadays and countries around the world are striving to excel in digitalization for economic development. New high-speed productivity born from technological innovation and the digital economy is reshaping industries in various countries, and countries equipped with “digital economic resources” are gaining a clear advantage over economically weaker countries. The current popular trend of the digitalized economy is also redefining the relationship between governments, societies, businesses, and individuals, which is why today it is considered a new growth factor to promote high-quality development and shared prosperity. It has been declared as the main motivation.

China also has a key role to play in advancing digitalization at the global level as China is currently a country rich in technological resources. Shared prosperity is the basic principle of socialism with Chinese characteristics, based on which digitalization is playing a significant role in accelerating the sharing of public services, promoting environmental green change, and improving social governance.

Global brands in the context of China. There are also unprecedented opportunities in digital consumption, especially in China, where the vast market scale, supply chain, and digital infrastructure are very beneficial to them. Similarly, digital transformation in China has also accelerated significantly in recent years and Foreign brands are interested in learning more about the Chinese digital consumer market, which draws them to digital expos, conferences, and exhibitions held in China to better understand the opportunities in the Chinese market.

Digital technology enables organizations to achieve innovation in business models and restructure of the industrial environment. In Pakistan and other developing countries, along the lines of China, digital transformation can be accelerated in traditional manufacturing and agriculture industries, and Promoting the growth of the digital economy can further strengthen the industrial base for shared prosperity. In this regard, Big Data can be made a new driver of high-quality economic development, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the platform economy, and effectively reduce the digital divide between different regions and groups. can go, and better support high-quality growth and high quality of life are possible.

We have the successful example of China where digitization in key sectors such as industry, energy, and transportation is being furthered to make business more sustainable. It can help organizations reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve green growth.

China is also working with other countries to create a favorable global digital trade environment, actively promoting the development and innovation of a digital economy with openness and common interest to create a better digital future. To pave the way for construction and advance high-level digital trade cooperation to promote the healthy development of economic globalization.

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