Agriculture equipped with science and technology

China is considered one of the major agricultural countries in the world, which is rich in agricultural resources and where, thanks to innovation, the goal of self-sufficiency in the production of agricultural commodities has been achieved. The main reason for this is the improvement of crops throughout the country. Use of modern agricultural machinery for production and focus on issues such as farmer prosperity and rural revitalization. Similarly, agricultural scientists and farmers in the country are always encouraged to express their innovation skills and develop the agricultural sector.

Following this link, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences recently launched an initiative to strengthen scientific and technological innovation in agricultural machinery and equipment in the country. The objective of this initiative is to provide concrete support to ensure high-quality agricultural and rural development along with food security in the country by promoting mechanized, intelligent, and green growth of agricultural production at a faster pace.

Under this initiative, emphasis is placed on enhancing scientific and technological research on efficient, intelligent, and green agricultural machinery with a focus on solving critical problems related to agricultural machinery and equipment. The initiative stipulates that the development of production equipment for important food crops and major cash crops such as cotton and oil should be accelerated and self-sufficiency in key and basic technologies should be sought.

In light of this initiative, the Chinese authorities will try to comprehensively advance scientific and technological achievements by developing important equipment and technologies. Bumper crops have been achieved with the full support of agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural mechanization. As such, this initiative is an important initiative to accelerate the scientific and technological innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment in the country.

This is also a welcome development for China. That the country’s ability to innovate agricultural machinery and equipment has improved in recent years, and the overall mechanization rate of crop cultivation has exceeded 71 percent. However, problems such as the lack of agricultural machinery in hilly areas still exist. This is why the Chinese authorities have emphasized the promotion of key research issues, including scientific and technological research on efficient and intelligent green agricultural machinery, mutual innovation of agricultural machinery science and enterprises, and agricultural machinery innovation platform. including farm upgrading etc. In this regard, China will make great efforts to significantly advance the development of agricultural machinery equipment and agricultural mechanization technology by 2030.

It is worth mentioning that thanks to these modern agricultural principles, today China has become significantly self-sufficient in food, while it is also among the largest countries in the world in terms of imports and exports of agricultural products. Last year, the production of grain in China recorded has been 683 billion kg while the production of grain in the country has been exceeding 650 billion kg for many years.

Today, China’s arable land has reached 117 million hectares, an increase of 0.7 percent. Innovations in agriculture have increased productivity, boosted agricultural trade, strengthened the country’s “agri-food industry” and expanded business opportunities. It is these efforts that have made agriculture China’s economic power over the past four decades. It has been an important force for development and poverty alleviation, which is a good lesson and model for other developing countries of the world, especially the countries called agricultural countries.

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