Deep Web and Dark Web

There is another world on the internet called the deep web and dark web, what are the deep web and dark web? And how does it work? A large number of people do not know much about it, in today’s article, we will learn about Deep Web and Dark Web.

On the internet we use, to open any website you have to type WWW three times which means world wide web, also called surface web, and light web but the most amazing for you. The thing will be that the internet which we cannot eliminate even by using it day and night is only four to five percent of the total internet and the rest 95% of the internet is hidden from the eyes of the common people.

Now you may have questions in your mind why this ninety-five percent of the Internet is hidden from our eyes. Why can’t we see it? What is hidden in this hidden great world of the Internet? Why is it hidden from the common people? What is done there? So today’s article will discuss the answers to these questions.

The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Bernersley in 1989 and officially launched on August 6, 1991. Then this technology developed at the speed of a bullet and reached here, thus the whole world was gathered on a computer screen. Humanity began to benefit from the benefits of the web, but over time became dependent on it. Due to the high speed of the web, document transfer and correspondence changed to e-mail, and companies and institutions began to use it.

On the one hand, the whole world was benefiting from this blessing, on the other hand, David Cham wrote an article titled Security without identification in which he warned that due to the excessive use of the World Wide Web, people are losing their information. Losing control, people don’t even know if their information is correct or out of date, so the fear expressed by David Cham, today everyone knows that Google, Facebook, and other websites are tracking their users. knows so much about him that even his close friends or close brothers and sisters may not know so much Using these sources, the secret agencies of the world also laid a spy net.

From here comes a new turn in the Internet world and governments start thinking that there should be a system for the security of data exchange on the Internet so that no one can steal it, so for this purpose three researchers of the US Navy This initiative introduced the Onion Routing system, which was designed in such a way that no one could steal someone’s data or open a website without permission, but surprisingly, the big change.

It came at a time when the US Naval Research Laboratory made the system open-sourced, meaning that everyone was allowed to benefit from it, which resulted in criminals around the world using the system for their heinous crimes. Started and its name is the dark web.

To explain all this, I want to give you an example. Suppose an iceberg is standing in the sea, and a small part of it is outside. We use that a large part that looks underwater is called the deep web then an even larger part that looks further down in the depths is called the dark web then the dark web has red rooms, and that’s where it ends. It does not happen, but the bottom of the sea below the ice mountain is called Mariana’s web, which is not accessible even to the governments of the normal countries of the world. I will try.

1. The World Wide Web is the Internet that we use on our computers or mobiles and as we know it is only four to five percent of the total Internet.

2. Below that is the Deep Web, which is the part of the internet that is accessible only to the relevant people and is usually used by various companies and institutions such as bank data or your Ufone SIM Islamabad. buy from and then go to Karachi and go to their office to extract the SIM again, then they open their internet and find out your details that you are really the same person in whose name this SIM is, all this data is on the deep web. Therefore, Ufone users can only open their own Ufone data and not anyone else’s. Likewise, every company has access to its own data only.

3. Then below the deep web comes the dark web, which is the part of the internet that cannot be accessed by anyone except someone who has the full address of a dark web website, usually dark web websites. The address consists of different numbers and words and at the end it is dottour or dotonline etc. instead of dotcom, to go here one has to contact the admin of the respective website who will give you an address after receiving the money.

Yes, when you enter the full and correct address, this website opens, but remember that it does not open on Google or normal browsers, it only opens on TOR, and also remember that opening these websites Even viewing is a legal crime, and if you are found to have visited the dark web, you can be arrested and charged.

Then there are the red rooms on the dark web, pages that show live murders and child abuse, people who have a lot of money, and their nature is distorted. They are used to seeing such scenes, so they go to these red rooms, where everything is bid for, for example, so much money to show rape, then so much money to cut off the hand of a living child, so much money to kill it by strangulation. , then so much money for skinning him, etc. Besides all kinds of drugs, weapons, and whatever you can think of you can easily find there even there are rates to kill a man of such and such level.

So much money to do, for example, so much money to kill a journalist, so much money to kill a minister, so much money to kill a 16th-grade officer, etc. One such website was very famous as Silk Road, which was used by US intelligence. Blocked in 2015 with a hard-hitting back-heel trace.

4. Mariana’s web is the deepest part of the Internet world, the deepest part of the ocean in the real world is called the Marianas Trench, that’s why this web is named after it, in this part of the Internet. Secrets of some of the world’s most powerful governments are kept, such as the United States, Israel, and other powers, etc., entry is not a matter of anyone’s concern, only code words and keys are used here, one of the most important things is to listen to the dark.

Most of the business done on the web is done in Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a currency that is not subject to any laws and regulations and cannot be traced, no one can know how many Bitcoins they have, This dirty business of billions and trillions of dollars takes place on the dark web.

Now, finally, the answer to the question that must have arisen in your mind after reading this whole matter is why this web is not banned. So the point is that as we make pistols or Kalashnikovs for our safety and security, knives are made for cutting vegetables, now if someone picks up this knife and stabs it in someone’s stomach, it is not the knife’s fault but the knife’s fault. If the knife is banned, it will be a problem for all human beings, so the solution is to make a sign of lesson to the one who misuses it and let the rest of the people know in advance that this brother’s Improper use of it can ruin your world and hereafter.

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